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10 Awesome Travel Finds on Etsy

10 Awesome Travel Finds on Etsy

If you haven’t heard of Etsy, you’ve been missing out!  Etsy is a gathering place for talented artists worldwide selling their handmade pieces.  While you might naturally think that this is more for arts & crafts lovers that are looking for quilts and jewelry, you’ll also find amazing rustic wooden crafts, leather goods, home décor, and much more.  It’s a handmade and vintage e-commerce marketplace all on one platform!

So what does this have to do with travel?  Well I was poking around the other day and found quite a few unique items that I thought I’d share.  These are some of my top picks for smart and creative travel-related items that can be found on Etsy.  You’ll find out soon enough that they make great gifts but what will most likely happen is that you’ll like them so much that you’ll also want to buy it for yourself too.

[1] Leather Travel Wallet


This travel wallet is simply stylish and puts my current nylon passport holder to shame.  You can almost smell the leather just by looking at it.  As a good organizer it has a ton of compartments for cards, pen, passport, and coins.  So if you’re the organized type, this is definitely something for you.

Shop:  HOUSEofLH

Price:  $43.12 USD (prices will vary with exchange rate)

[2] Recycled Rubber Wallet


If you are looking for a smaller compact wallet with minimal impact to the environment, this might be for you.  Made out of a bicycle’s inner tube, each piece is unique.  Quite the clever use of repurposed rubber!

Shop:  UpCycledLondon

Price:  $19.33 USD (prices will vary with exchange rate)

[3] Cord Organizer


No more tangled cables! This cord organizer has individual elastic sections for each cord and a handy zipper pouch.  This design comes in many patterns, I’m sure you’ll find one to your liking. Bonus for the ladies, you can even use this for your makeup brush when you’re on the road.

Shop:  Sewmuchfunstuff

Price:  $31 USD

[4] Paracord Bracelet


I know what you guys are thinking, there are already so many paracord bracelets on the market, but this one is more than a simple bracelet.  The buckle has a built in compass, a sharp metal edge and a whistle, and within the paracord there’s flint and steel to start a fire.  You never know right?

Shop:  Paracolt

Price:  $12 USD

[5] Personalized Luggage Tag


Custom luggage tags are all the rage right now and this shop offers a number of customizations including name, date, and logos.  It’s a fabulous gift idea for any fellow traveller.  Imagine having one of these with your blog’s logo? *hint hint nudge nudge*

Shop:  MyPersonalMemories

Price:  $11.99 USD

[6] Buff Style Headband


You know I love my Buffs!  While the Buffs found in this store are a bit more for lady travellers, you get quite a selection of patterns and colors here that you wouldn’t find anywhere else.  The fabric is also different if you’re looking for more of a yoga legging-type material.

This shop owner has over 480+ items, mainly beanies, headbands, and buffs. They’ve got many interesting patterns like the popular chevron, animal prints, and feathers. It’s as if the shop owner is curating her own gallery.

Shop:  TheSassyOliveShop

Price:  $12 USD

[7] Natural Body Butter


This recommendation comes from the girlfriend but I have to say that this body butter stuff is actually really good.  Being in the dry north, dry skin has always been an issue and so something like this is great at replenishing your skin.  Put one of these in a smaller container for travel and you’ll be thankful when you need it.


Price:  $7.50 USD

[8] Push Pin Travel Map Canvas


If you are an avid traveller, you have to get a world map for your home.  I love how it gives you a visual of the places you’ve been to by using push pins to mark the cities you’ve been.  As an constant wanderluster, this also helps you visualize where you want to go to next.  This map has a foam board backing for easy pinning and you can choose from three different sized canvases. It’s a beautiful artwork piece that will guarantee to take front stage in your living space.

Shop:  Macanaz

Price:  $122 USD

[9] Double Peak Mountain Shelf


Where do you put all your souvenirs and trinkets that you have gathered during your expeditions? On this beautiful wall mounted shelf made out of reclaimed wood of course!

Shop: needleandpineshop

Price:  $44.30 (prices will vary with exchange rate)

[10]  Vintage Suitcase


I’m not sure if you know but Etsy also has a special “Vintage” section.  This is where awesome antique owners can sell their one of a kind and collectable items.  Finds like this suitcase would be great additions to your house especially if you’re looking for a place to put all those city maps and museum pamphlets that you collect along the way.

Shop:  ThirdShift

Price:  $139.62 CAD

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