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Save on Car Rentals – Car Rental Coupon Code Extreme

Save on Car Rentals – Car Rental Coupon Code Extreme

Car Rental Coupon Codes to Save You Hundreds

I’ve always want to summarize all my knowledge about car rental coupon codes because I have random bits of notes here and there for when I need it. In a selfish way I guess iIm doing this for myself but now that this is on here you guys get to benefit as well!


You are in North America though that is not to say that these won’t work internationally. I have tested some of these in Europe and in Australia/New Zealand but the international marketplace is very different. For example Eurocar has some of the best rates in Europe but obviously doesn’t exist here.

Beginner Tips

  • If you’re going to rent with a company, sign up for their loyalty program. For most like Avis and National that I have experience with, you automatically get into their “priority” section whether that means an express counter or bypassing the counters completely.
  • When booking a car rental, don’t just look at one rental car company, go to each one and try your top coupon codes and pick the cheapest one.
  • Renting from the airport usually means higher surcharges so if possible try to rent within the city for even cheaper rates.
  • One way car rentals (picking up in one location and dropping off in another) will always cost more but coupon codes may still help.
  • A lot of these are corporate codes so should you worry that you don’t have proper ID to prove that you work for XYZ or have membership to ABC? In all the years of my experience I have never been ID’d so I am 99% certain that you will be okay as well.

Things to consider when renting

  • Is inclusion of the under 25 important?
  • Is unlimited miles important?
  • Is additional driver important?
  • Is inclusion of insurance coverage important?

The coupon codes

Here are a list of my favorite codes I have consistently used and have been able to save hundreds of dollars. In parentheses I’ve put my 2 cents on the code and what it can get you. To simulate the prices I’m even going to do the following example to show you how the codes can give you killer deals. Price without codes is at the car rental company title level. Price after taxes and fees in USD.

Example car rental search

  • Location: Salt Lake City, Utah (round trip)
  • Dates: January 23-29, 2013
  • Class: Fullsize
  • Duration: 6 days

National Car Rental ($375.48)

  • Contract ID# = 5063773, IATA# = 52431993 ($307.92, no insurance or underage. Unlimited miles. Probably one of the most godly codes out there. I can’t pinpoint exactly what it gives you but everytime I’ve used it I’ve gotten silly cheap rates.)
  • Contract ID# = 5760339 ($375.48, no insurance or underage. Unlimited miles. Never as good as the first one though and in this case it did nothing but still worth a try.)
  • Contract ID# = 5000491 ($261.78, unlimited miles, insurance and underage included. This one is very good. Belongs to Ohio State University and so the risk is if you did get into the accident you may not get insurance coverage because you aren’t actually a student.)
  • Contract ID# = XZ53043 ($274.45, unlimited miles and underage included. Insurance not included. This is a decent corporate code that’s worth a shot)
  • As you can see there’s a $100 variance just by using a smart code. This does not mean though that #3 is the best. It really depends on where you’re renting from and a whole list of other factors so try them all please.

Avis ($530.76)

  • Coupon Code = A442100 ($277.65, Unlimited miles. This is supposedly the Deloitte code.)
  • AWD = C682300 ($436.34, Unlimited miles. This is from Air Canada for some bonus miles. If you use this you HAVE to make sure you include your flight details in your reservations or you might not get any of the bonus points)
  • AWD = C070127 ($464.21, Unlimited miles. Supposed to be the best but I guess not eh?)
  • AWD = U405347 ($448.86, Unlimited miles.)
  • AWD = A555500 and Coupon Code = UULA004 ($401.50, Unlimited miles. US Government + upgrade coupon code)

I find that the Avis rates are usually kind of ridiculous.  The Deloitte one is a secret one that seems to do the trick and comparable to National.

Thrifty ($339.44)

  • Corporate Code = 1660228069 ($331.13. Apparently underage fee and extra driver fee waived but I have never tried and doesn’t show up in the booking)

To be honest I don’t have much experience with Thrifty except for this one code. Their cars are definitely crappier than the other big companies and selection usually more slim. There really isn’t much out there for Thrifty though I know Rental Car Momma can sometime get great deals through Thrifty if you go through their site.

Hertz ($400.69)

  • CDP = 1757580 ($364.92, Unlimited Miles. Apparently THE best CDP to use for Hertz from Car and Driver)
  • CDP = 1955226 ($364.92, Unlimited Miles. Some corporate code with similar results as the first)

Again I have actually never rented from Hertz but every time I see their cars in the lot they just have an aura of being more high class than the rest of them. Good cars but I would say one of the more expensive companies.

Enterprise ($375.44)

  • Customer # = XVC1092, PIN = CAR ($342.51, waives underage fee, from Car & Driver )
  • Customer #=XVC1093, PIN = CAR ($342.51, same as above but includes insurance on top, from Car & Driver)
  • Customer # = 01A9037 ($358.57, waives underage fee but still has additional driver fee and no insurance, Beta Gamma Sigma Frat code that saved us during our underage years!)

Haven’t used Enterprise in a long time but looks like most people are using the Car and Driver code. The annoying part about the Enterprise site is that once you’ve done a quote for one customer #, every time you go back to the home page you’re locked back into the same customer. I’ve only been able to bypass it by going to a bad link like http://www.enterprise.com/car_rental/deeplinkmap.do?bid=002&cust=XVC1006 and then click on “Enterprise home page”.

Others car rental options?

There’s Fox Rent A Car, Budget, Discount, Dollar and Alamo to try as well. Never used them but could be worth a shot. See the secret links for more coupon codes.

Up to 40 Percent Lower than Other Car Rental Compa


From this mini-test we can see that the National Car Rental codes are some of the best out there. That’s not to say the other codes aren’t as good. Like I mentioned before, it really depends on what you’re looking for (namely underage in most cases) and where you’re renting. There are some codes that work better in Canada vs the US.

So if you’re serious about saving money, try ALL of these codes and compare. It’s totally worth your time!

Alternative Options

  • Priceline & Hotwire – Just do a quick search and you might be able to find some good deals that way
  • Expedia – Travel sites like this can still provide good results
  • Airport Rental Cars


Here’s a list of links that I often use to find car rental coupon deals.

About Will Tang

Will is a travel blogger writing for Going Awesome Places. Since quitting his consulting job in 2012 he's been travelling the world and along the way writing about his epic adventures and taking amazing photos. His true passion lies in telling stories, inspiring others to travel, writing detailed trip itineraries for others to follow and providing helpful tips and tricks to travel better. Also the founder behind Travel Blog Breakthrough and freelance writer for Hipmunk and currently working on the #‎HipmunkCityLove Project.


  1. the national codes no longer work

  2. Horrible experience and will not be choosing Budget Car Rental again. Very rude staff as well as multiple charges to our credit cards after the car was returned. Our car issue happened over two months ago and budget has not returned any phone calls or emails about the $600+ that we should have been reimbursed.

    • Oh man I’m sorry to hear that Katie :(. I personally haven’t used them before so I guess I can consider myself lucky. Your situation sounds horrible! That is not what should be happening when dealing with a car rental. Avis and National have both been good to me through and through.

  3. Thanks for the good article and this is what I was looking for thank you

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  5. Wow, thank you so much for compiling this list! My boyfriend and I are trying to rent a car for two weeks in the Pacific Northwest and the underage driver fees typically double our price. However, I am feeling nervous about using these codes. Is the protocol just you use them online, then when you pick up your car everything goes through like normal? Or do they question you at all about where you got them? I’m worried about being questioned and left stranded with no rental car. Thanks! 🙂

    • Hi Emily!

      Thanks for your comments. To calm your nerves a bit, I can safely say that I’ve used quite a number of these promo codes and have never been asked to present an ID. The National codes I’m particularly familiar with and I haven’t had a single problem. I don’t think I can remember any occasion where they asked me for where I got my codes or ID.

      Have a great trip!!

      • Just wanted to leave an update on my experience using codes for discounts. I don’t want to tarnish your site Will, just want to let people know some of the risks that are involved. I booked a rental car from enterprise about a month ago and used the car and driver code online which took off the young driver fee as well as gave us insurance. Everything went through fine online and our total price ended up being around $500 for 14 days which we were really happy with. I even subscribed to a years worth of car and driver magazine to be sure nothing would go wrong at checkout if they questioned us about where we got the codes. However the morning we actually went to enterprise to pick up our car we had a nasty surprise when we were told we would still have to pay the young driver fee as well as insurance, bringing our new total to $1200! For some reason even though using the code to book online took off the young driver fee and gave us insurance, in the actual enterprise offices we only received a 5% discount. I have no idea where that change occurred and why booking online would tell us one thing and in person another. Thankfully we had enough money between us to pay the rest. Just a word of warning that using codes online can be tricky and you may not get what you were expecting. Why oh why does there have to be a young driver fee?

        • Hey Emily,
          I’m so sorry to hear about that. That’s ridiculous though of Enterprise. Did you have a printout of the reservation itself? For a situation like that I would call head office to complain about something like that. I think there must’ve been a hiccup in the reservation system and not in the code itself. That’s the first time I heard something like this happening. Make sure you fight it and report back on what happens!

        • That should’ve never happened. I think they may of attempted to take advantage of you. I would immediately make a complaint with BBB. If you are quoted one price and are told another price, that’s bait and switch. I would seriously pursue this with their corporate office. This has happened to other individuals also but once a complaint is made, it is usually rectified.

  6. Thank you so much for all your hard work! I was able to save a bundle through Hertz with one of the codes you provided along with joining the #1 Gold Plus Rewards Club (free). Just a note, when checking a price for the picking up and dropping off one day earlier, even when using the code it would have been over $100 more, so if your dates are even a little flexible, check the day before and after before you decide.

  7. Thank you sooooo much for this! I thought renting a car for a week for a bit a road tripping would be a no go! I’m saving 50% thanks to your codes! Thanks Again:)

  8. Hi thanks much! I’m some sort of undergraduate covering in order to Ca regarding Spring break, and also the Underage payment is just driving everyone nuts.

  9. Thanks so much for this! Would like to ask if the unlimited miles for the OSU coupon show up when placing a reservation? or must i pay for my mileage even if it doesnt show up?

    • Hey Daryle! Thanks for your comments and message. The unlimited miles for the OSU coupon should show up when you place the reservation. Are you noticing something different?

  10. Hey thank you so much! I’m a college student going over to California for Spring break, and the Underage fee is just driving me crazy…

  11. I used to think I was lucky that even thought I left a certain Fortune 100 defence contractor years ago, I could still get their discount with AVIS as it is tied to my AVIS user ID. Now I see it seems none of them care to control access to discounts… I guess it is just too hard to enforce, and they are still making money no matter what the rate you rent at. That said I am glad I found your site as I have a one way trip with about 800 miles over 6 days of travel, and my old corp rate was NOT for unlimited mileage – a 224$ rate had a .25 $/mi surcharge, which about doubled the expense with AVIS. Your top National code got me unlimited mileage and a 263$ rate (after discount!). MANY THANKS! :^)

  12. You had done a great task by describing all the points to keep in mind while hiring a car and the most different thing you had done is the steps to be keep in mind for the beginners.
    I am really thankful to you because these points would help me a lot wile hiring a car that suits my needs.

  13. I usually just do a quicksearch on the internet for these services but I didn’t know about the codes and how they work. Got to try it out and learn more about it too.

  14. Hate to be redundant, but the Ohio State University Code is going to save me loads of $ if I’m able to use it. I’m scared because of a bad experience at Hertz- they didn’t honor the price quoted with an online reservation at ALL and we were stranded. The price jumped by 3x. We actually live in Ohio and are students here, but a different university. Any idea how to get codes we may legitimately be entitled to? or if we chance it do you feel we may do so successfully?! Hope so! Thanks for the help!

    • I actually just used the Ohio State University code last weekend on my trip to LAX -> SFO (one way rental). It was no questions asked with National. I’ve used it about half a dozen times and have never been asked for ID. I’m 99% confident that if you use it you will be ok!

  15. HEY! love the website! i was just kinda iffy about the rental companies asking for ID. Did you ever get asked to show ID for the contract ID? I would love to use these codes but that’s the only reason that’s stopping me. I love the prices they are amazing! THANKS!

    • Hey Mike,

      Thanks for the shout out.

      In regards to ID, I’ve been doing this for over 5 years and never once have I been asked to show an ID. Take it for what it is but you’re pretty safe to use any of these codes!

  16. Hey! Thanks for all your great tips!!
    I have a question about one of the National codes (Contract ID# = 5063773, IATA# = 52431993) you say “no insurance”. Do you mean that insurance is not included or that there is no extra charge for insurance?

    Thanks 🙂

  17. I get the best rate thru Enterprise using my University Corporate rate. Not willing to post since people have been abusing it. However, look at university codes though.

    1 week full size = $190 pre-tax. Unlimited miles, Insurance, underage fee included.
    I usually get free upgrades to premiums or luxury vehicles for just $10 bucks more.

  18. Thanks so much planning a birthday trip and since I’m 24 I have to pay the extra fee. Not anymore ..lol.. thanks

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  21. Hi Will, I was just wondering if you have ever had any problems when using these codes. The Deloitte one for Avis is a steal of a deal for my trip, just wondering if you’ve ever had them refuse you a deal. Great page! Thanks!


    • Hey Dawn!

      Thanks for reading my blog. I’ve used the Deloitte one many times actually. They’ve never asked me for ID or anything like that. I think if you really want to be safer, I would sign up for the program Avis Preferred so you can bypass the line completely.

      Hope that helps!

  22. I do agree with all of the ideas you have presented in
    your post. They are really convincing and will certainly
    work. Nonetheless, the posts are too short for starters.

    May you please extend them a little from next time?
    Thanks for the post.

    • Thanks for your comments! I would definitely love to hear more about what you mean about the post being too short. Do you mean you would like to have more details behind how it’s done or more examples?

  23. i just tried the thrifty corp code for renting in the states, didn’t work anymore 🙁

    btw, where did u get all these codes from? =P

    • Hey Andrya!

      Use it in the corporate # instead of promo #.

      Haha my sources must remain secret!! Okay well mostly through various forums I’ve been using for awhile and plus a little bit of Google. And then on top of that just experience over the years of using the codes themselves.

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