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Epic Summer 2012

Japan Itinerary in 12 Days

Japan Itinerary in 12 Days

Japan essentials featuring incredible food, culture and fun Continuing with my itinerary summary posts, I thought I’d follow up Bali with Japan.  Japan has always been one of those countries high on my places to visit and with my mega trip in 2012, I knew it was a place I couldn’t miss.  Just thinking about the food I’d have was ... Read More »

HOTEL REVIEW:  Conrad Tokyo

HOTEL REVIEW: Conrad Tokyo

A gem of a hotel in the heart of Tokyo Preface As most of you know, I spent 2012 in Asia, starting with Bali and eventually roamed my way up to Japan.  As I trotted throughout Asia, I made great use of my Hilton HHonors points and ticked several Conrad properties off my list.  I started with my review of ... Read More »

Tips & Tricks Backpacking Asia

Tips & Tricks Backpacking Asia

My lessons learned from backpacking all around Asia These are the things you need to know before embarking on an epic adventure out to Asia as I did in 2012.  Brace yourself though.  It’s a lot of information and I’ve tried to summarize and organize it as best as I can. This is my own take on things I learned, ... Read More »

Summer in a Nutshell

Summer in a Nutshell

Summarizing my amazing trip to Asia with fully detailed itineraries A lot of you have asked for just a summary of everything I did this summer so I thought I’d slap together the itinerary into one article to make it easier to consume and disseminate. Make sure you click on each of the headers to get taken to the specific  blog ... Read More »

Day 86 – Vancouver – Grind It Out

Day 86 – August 15, 2012 With no free breakfast, the only way to go was to pick up a coffee and breakfast sandwich at the Starbucks downstairs and head out right away. The Gruelling Grouse Grind One thing I’ve always wanted to do in Vancouver is the Grouse Grind – 2.9km stretch with 853m of elevation gain and 2830 ... Read More »

Day 81 – Hakone – Onsen Time

Day 81 – August 10, 2012 Heading to Hakone for the Day For some reason I thought our JR pass would still be good for this day so I planned to do Hakone for that exact purpose but when we got to Shimabashi station we fully got denied.  We looked at our JR passes and indeed the last day was ... Read More »

Day 77 – Kyoto – Torii Gates x Infinity

Day 77- August 6, 2012 We started off the morning with a traditional breakfast at our ryokan.  See Chantelle’s pictures.  I can say that I’m not the biggest fan of this kind of breakfast but it was more for the cultural experience than anything.  The fish was probably the highlight while the sesame tofu wasn’t quite what I expected.  It ... Read More »

Day 73 – Taipei – Chillin in Shilin

Day 73- August 2, 2012 This time the weather reports were right.  Come morning, Typhoon Saola was right overtop of us.  The good thing though was that it was downgraded to a tropical storm so it was really just heavy rain minus the wind.  Looked like all the heavy stuff came the day before when my umbrella got destroyed and ... Read More »

Day 68 – Palau – Jellyfish Lake

Day 68- July 28, 2012 Instant noodles for breakfast just wasn’t going to do and since the West Plaza Malakal was walking distance to Sam’s we went straight in for breakfast at the shop.  French toast.  Things are getting started on the right foot at last! Our dives today were with dive master Siksei (yep pronounced sexy), captain Charlie, jelly ... Read More »