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Germany 2012

Day 9 – Frankfurt – Spin the Standby Flight Wheel

Day 9 – Frankfurt – Spin the Standby Flight Wheel

Monday October 29, 2012 We decided the previous night that that we were going to give today a shot with the standby. Despite the loads looking quite terrible because of Hurricane Sandy, cancelled flights and misconnects, we had a glimmer of hope when those same misconnects allowed Chantelle, Jeff and Emily Ho to get on the previous day. So the ... Read More »

Day 6 – Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Day 6 – Friday October 26, 2012 Emily Chan and David left a bit earlier than us to catch their train to Bonn to visit a friend so we didn’t get to see them. Train Ride to Rothenburg Ob Der Tauber The rest of us checked out of the hotel at 8:30AM and walked over to Hauptbahnhof for our usual ... Read More »

Day 5 – Dachau – Concentration Camp

Day 5- Thursday October 25, 2012 After a very long day in Füssen, we got to sleep a little bit more which was much needed. We met up in the lobby at 9:30AM. Journey to Dachau For breakfast we hit up the main station once again. After that we caught the S2 subway train towards Dachau. Once in Dachau we ... Read More »

Day 2 – Munich – Zombie Walking

Day 2- Monday October 22, 2012 We landed in Munich at around 10:10 in the morning. I watched only one movie the entire flight (Amazing Spider-Man) but after that it was a whole lot of adjusting, turning and readjusting together to find a good position to sleep. So I had my eyes closed for a good 5 hours maybe but ... Read More »

Day 1 – Munich Here We Come

Downloaded the WordPress app on my iPhone so guess what I can actually blog from my phone! Another update, I installed a mobile plugin for the blog so you get a much simpler site from your phone. Heading to the airport now and ready to play the standby game. Our flight to Munich should be good with 50 some free ... Read More »