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Posted by on May 17, 2012 in Epic Summer 2012, Travel | 0 comments

Crunch Time – 4 Days To Go

It seemed like I had tons of time at first.  My last day on the job was April 13 and so I had roughly 5 weeks to prepare.  A lot of time was on truly trip planning but where did the rest of my time go?  I guess just being normal is all it was.  Being able to hang out with friends, go to the gym, watch TV, do nothing and sleep in were numerous activities that were a blessing to be able to do again.  With the countdown at 4 days left and Matt and Steph’s wedding coming up on Saturday there really isn’t that much time left!

Oh and there’s also Going Awesome Places that came up literally today (Thank you Qian for the idea and everyone else that has brought it up).  Time to blog it up!

Planning wise you get to the point where you think you have it all covered…but do you really?…maybe you don’t need to and you can just figure it out when you get there…?

Regardless I’m excited!


[Insert random photo for testing purposes...]


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