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Dishes To Make You Hungry in Portugal

Dishes To Make You Hungry in Portugal

When it comes to yummy delicious foods in Europe, Portugal is at the top of my list.  As much as you’ll be going to be exploring castles, catching the sun by the beach, and fascinating over relics of the past, what will really fuel your love for this coastal country is going to be the food.  Let’s hop over 5 distinct regions of Portugal and hopefully I can make your stomach growl by the end of it all.

Capital of Port Wine

Image by Flickr gugfer

If you’ve ever wondered where the dessert wine, Port, comes from, wonder no more!  Port can only be classified as such if it’s produced in a designated area around the city of Porto which is wedged in the Douro river valley.  There are tons of opportunities to try this sweet, fortified, and rich palate of Port in restaurants all over Portugal but it’s really only in Porto that you’re able to go directly to famous wineries such as Taylor’s and Croft.

Birthplace of Portuguese Custard Tarts

Image by Flickr Ula

If there’s one thing that I’d fly all the way out to Portugal for, it’d be for their custard tarts.  If you haven’t had one before, you don’t understand how good these pastries are.  There’s nothing better than grabbing a seat outside of a café or pasteleria and enjoying a piping-hot pastel de nata (custard tart).  The best way to do it though is on your way to the beach town of Cascais, take a pitstop in Belém and go to Pastéis de Belém, the bakery that hand-crafted the very first secret recipe and has continued to operate since 1837.

Seafood Heaven Along the Coast

Image by Flickr alemjusic

Being by the Atlantic coast has it’s benefits and it’s in towns like Vilamoura in the Algarve region that features some incredible freshly caught seafood.  Just thinking about the prawn, clams, lobster, octopus, sea bass, and tuna is making me salivate.

The Classic Chicken Piri-Piri

Image by Flickr jemcott

Continuing down the coast of the Algarve is another town called Albufeira.  It’s a former fishing village but has now transformed into a major vacation destination with its sandy beaches and hopping nightlife.  Here, you’ll find a cod prepared in almost an infinite number of ways but if you’re looking for a break from the overwhelming amount of seafood, there’s Portugal’s own roasted chicken in spicy piri-piri sauce.

The Pride of Madeira

Image by Flickr apmadeirapt

One of the most enviable places to be in Europe has to be the island of Madeira of Portugal.  While it may not get the same level of buzz as Ibiza, it’s somewhere that tends to attract more of the mature crowd with its wondrous scenery, tropical luxury and its cornucopia of wine and food.  If you’re feeling hungry, you’ll want to try espetada in Funchal.  It’s a beef kebab on a bay stick which is traditional dish with unmistakable flavor.   Think of it as the forefather to Brazilian churrasco with juicy meats infused with spices.

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