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Hipmunk Hotels: Top Hikes From Tacoma, Spokane, and More

Hipmunk Hotels: Top Hikes From Tacoma, Spokane, and More

There are few places in North America that offer a landscape both mountainous and lushly populated with evergreen trees.  As the mountain trails start to thaw and the wildflowers begin to bloom, it’s time to dust off your hiking boots and start planning your outdoor adventure trip this year.  Big or small, Washington State has a fantastic selection of hikes that are easily accessible in Seattle to the west, Spokane to the east, or anywhere else in between.

Ozette Triangle (Cape Alava-Sand Point Loop)

Image via Flickr by snowpeak

Not many people know this, but Washington boasts a beautiful, rugged coastline. What makes the Ozette Triangle a unique hike is that it offers a full loop. It starts off at Lake Ozette and leads through the forested peninsula for 3.3 miles before you hit the Pacific Ocean. Once there, it’s 3 miles of uninterrupted and spectacular beach and semi-hidden petroglyphs.  The only thing to be careful about with this hike is to check the tides in order to time your journey back. For this hike, you’ll need to set aside a full day and make sure you start early, as it’s 5 hours from your Bellingham hotel. Also note that there is a short car ferry ride to get to Bainbridge Island.

Location:  Olympic National Park

Hike Details:  9.4 miles round trip and 300 feet gain

Difficulty:  Medium

Best Time To Go: All year round

Cascade Pass to Sahale Arm

Image via Flickr by wcurrier

Laden with glacier-carved peaks, alpine meadows, and waterfalls, North Cascades is a truly a hidden gem when it comes to National Parks. In the summer months, the trail is dotted with wildflowers and throughout provides amazing views of lakes and surrounding peaks. In my opinion this is one of the top hikes of the state and easy enough to do with kids. The Cascade Pass is 3.5 hours if you’re coming from your affordable Tacoma hotel, and makes for another great weekend day hike.

Location: North Cascades National Park

Hike Details:  Up to 12 miles round trip and 3,600 feet gain

Difficulty:  Easy

Best Time To Go:  Mid-July through September

Mailbox Peak

Image via Flickr by laffertyryan

No list would be complete without mentioning the infamous Mailbox Peak. While it may not be as scenic throughout as Cascade Pass, people continuously come back to this one for its sheer difficulty. If you’ve done the Grouse Grind, it’s a similar type of leg-burning punishment. At the peak, you’re treated with a 360-degree view that should make it all worth it. Located a mere 45 minutes away from your Renton hotel, it’s also accessible if you like to stay in more populated areas.

Location: Snoqualmie Pass/North Bend

Hike Details:  Up to 9.4 miles round trip and 4,822 feet gain

Difficulty:  Hard

Best Time To Go:  May to November

Rattlesnake Ridge

Image via Flickr by michaelmattiphotography

This is a popular hike for a lot of locals and visitors alike. It’s two miles up and back down, and this is a trail that anyone can do which culminates at the top with unbelievable panoramic views of the Cedar River watershed and Chester Morse Lake. This is a great hike to combine with time in the lake to do a little kayaking or swimming. To get to Rattlesnake Ridge, you will only need to drive 50 minutes from your Kent hotel.

Location: Snoqualmie Pass/North Bend

Hike Details:  4 miles round trip and 1,160 feet gain

Difficulty:  Easy

Best Time To Go:  All year round

Harry’s Ridge

Image via Flickr by Jennifer C.

Washington has its own volcano in its backyard, so this is as unmissable as the Pike Place Fish Market. This hike offers a fascinating panorama of Mount St. Helen, which still smokes and belches occasionally since its eruption in 1980. Walk up to the Johnston Ridge Observatory and a point overlooking Spirit Lake to learn what happened that devastating day in history. If you’re visiting from your Spokane hotel, you’re only 6.5 hours away.

Location: Mount St. Helens National Volcanic

Hike Details:  8 miles round trip and 200 feet gain

Difficulty:  Easy

Best Time To Go:  May to October

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  1. Great post! Last year I was in North Cascades in the middle of the summer and it was amazing! This desinitely is the best period of the year to visit that place!

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