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How to Get Free Gold Status with Hilton HHonors

How to Get Free Gold Status with Hilton HHonors


2014-06-05 Update

So unfortunately Hilton has closed the gaps and this method no longer works in 2014.  It does however still work in Asia where they’re still running this program but requires you to call Visa’s concierge service.  In summary, you can’t really game the system anymore.  You pretty much need to have a Visa Infinite card in hand and live in Asia.  Head over to my blog post about how to get free points for Aeroplan and Hilton HHonors in 2014 and scroll down to section just under National Car Rental named “BONUS”.

Steps to get instant Gold Status with HHonors

I’ve known about some free ways to get instant gold status for awhile but I randomly stumbled upon this article here through BoardingArea and thought I’d revisit how you can actually do it.  The disclaimer is that I haven’t done this myself as I already have gold status but for those that have points, want to use them and don’t have status, this is geared especially to you folks.  Alright let’s do this step by step.

Step 1:

Go to this link here:  https://www.hiltonhhonors.com/landingpages/VisaInfiniteGold.aspx

The point of this is to entice customers to sign up for a Visa Infinite card and once verified with your Hilton HHonors account, you get instant Gold Status.

Sound too good to be true right?  Well yes mainly because of the fine print below…

Fine print:  This is actually only for Australians and is valid until May 2013 (they may extend it?)

Step 2:  

Two options:

1)  Go to Hilton HHonors site here.  Make sure you sign up under the country Australia.

2)  Go to your existing Hilton HHonors account, log in and change your country to Australia.  Switch back to your real country after you get your new status.

Step 3: 

Okay so here’s the BIG step.  Let me break it down:

1)  442394 are the first 6 digits of a Visa Infinite card.

2)  Literally mash 9 numbers on your keyboard to make it 442394 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.  For example 442394 384746383.  This makes 15 digits.

3)  Of course a credit card has 16 digits so how do you get that last one?  Go to http://bavister.org/tools/genLuhn.php (this is called a Luhn Check-Digit Calculator which I won’t go into detail).  Enter in your 15 digits from part 2 and read the check digit.  In my case it is 5

Luhn Check Digit Text Field

Luhn Check Digit Result

4)  Now this completes your 16 digits.  For my example I get 442394 384746383 5

5)  Validate this card number by going to http://creditcardity.com/.  Enter in your 16 digit number in the top right text box and it should tell you that your card is “Valid card!”

Credit Cardity Results

Step 4:

Like in Step 1, go back to https://www.hiltonhhonors.com/landingpages/VisaInfiniteGold.aspx, enter your new credit card number you generated in Step 3.

Hilton HHonors Instant Gold Enter Credit Card

Step 5:

You’ll be asked to log into your Hilton HHonors account.  Click on “Enroll Now”.

Hilton HHonors Instant Gold Login

Step 6:

Voila!  Wait roughly 20 minutes and your status should now change to Gold.  Piece of cake!



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  2. Thank you so much!!
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