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Personalized Boarding Pass and Luggage Tag Travel Keychains

Personalized Boarding Pass and Luggage Tag Travel Keychains

I don’t know about you but I’m always on the lookout for cute travel-inspired collectibles, accessories and memorabilia that I can keep at home or with me.  From shot glasses, magnets, postcards, and bar coasters, I have them all. Part of it is about remembering all the places you’ve been and the other half is a reminder that there are always more adventures to be had.

When I found out about C’s Hygge and their super personalized boarding pass and luggage tag keychains, I was excited beyond belief because 1) I had never seen anything like this before and 2) how cool would it be to be express my inner airline nerd.  What really drew me in to these keychains was the fact that I’ve collected countless number of boarding pass stubs in a box but I could never do anything with them.

There are 20 airlines to choose from including my personal favourite, Air Canada.  Even if you don’t find your airline of choice, you can have a completely custom one made.  Once you’ve selected your design, you just need to provide them with the details you’d like printed onto the boarding pass and that’s it.

Cs Hygge Air Canada Boarding Pass Keychain

Before ordering my first two sets, I wasn’t sure what to expect but after having these in my hands for the past couple of weeks, I am truly impressed with their quality and the workmanship.  These are made of two pieces of durable plexiglass material that sandwich the double-sided boarding pass.  This means that you can see the boarding pass from either side.  Attached to it is a simple keyring that can easily connect to your existing keychain.

Cs Hygge Air Canada Keychain with Boarding Pass

At first my expectation was that it would be a lot bigger (thinking along the lines of a real boarding pass) but it turned out to be a fraction of the size.  In reality, this makes a lot more sense because you really don’t want to have a giant keychain dangling amongst your keys and other attachments.

Cs Hygge Luggage Tag Keychain

Wanting something a little different, I also picked up a long luggage tag keychain.  If you ever have a chance to fly out of Hong Kong or a select few other airports in Asia, these baggage stickers should look familiar.  I love how closely the design replicates the real deal.  With this you have the option to customize the destination name, airport code, country code, time zone, flight number, and even colour code.

Cs Hygge Airplane at Airport Backdrop

These are unique pieces that you won’t find anywhere else.  Boarding pass keychains are $145 HKD with emphasis that the prices quoted are in HKD.  This converts to roughly $19 USD.  The luggage tag keychain costs $168 HKD ($22 USD).

So if you’re interested in adding something like this to your collection, make sure you head over to C’s Hygge (pronounced ” hooga”).  They are a Hong Kong based boutique shop focused on home decor and primarily travel with their awesome line of keychains.  They ship all over the world and to Canada it took roughly around 3 weeks to get to me once they were built.

Exclusive Offer for Readers

As fans of Going Awesome Places, I’ve worked out a deal with C’s Hygge and they’re willing to offer a “buy two get one free” offer.  All you have to do is add two items to your cart and in the notes provide the details for 3 of the keychains and add “REFERRED BY WILL” in the order notes.

C's Hygge Sale Banner

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