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REVIEW – The PACK Gear Travel Organizer

REVIEW – The PACK Gear Travel Organizer

As a frequent traveller or a backpacker, you know that one challenges is finding a better way to pack your clothes to keep things organized.  What if you could have a packing organizer that can act as your portable closet that you hang?  The PACK Gear Travel Organizer is whole new spin on keeping your sh*t together.

Packing Frustration

Image by Flickr lammietjie

Tell me if that looks familiar.  It’s not my photo because usually I’m way too frustrated at this point to even capture my mess but this is the typical scene at home, hotel, or hostel.  I can tell you from experience that just shoving stuff into your bag doesn’t work.  You’ll wonder how the heck you got so much stuff packed into your bag in the first place

Organizations means convenience and that means less stress.  Rolling your clothes is critical and my video will hopefully demonstrate to you how easy it is.  That is just the first step.  The next step is to use something to keep it all together.  In the past I’ve used various organizers that I could use in my backpack or suitcase.  This allowed me to keep each clothing in their own bag.  Think bag in a bag.

This technique has worked for me pretty well except:

  1. I still had to take everything out of my bag every time I needed something.
  2. As a result, chances of leaving something behind at a hotel or hostel was higher when I rushed to get packed up in the morning.

So how does the PACK Gear organizer help with this?

The Concept

Pack Gear Illustration 3

The PACK Gear idea is very simple.  What if you could travel with a closet organizer that was small in size, lightweight and contained a ton of compartments?  What if you could literally go to your backpack or suitcase, lift out an organizer and just hang it?

This backpack organizer eliminates the vicious cycle of packing and unpacking when you’re on the road.  All your things can have their own little section which means you’ll always know where things are.

Just lift and hang.


Pack Gear Illustration 2

The organizer has a total of 4 levels. Each level has a flap with clips to ensure your clothing doesn’t come out.

First level: As the top level, it has a flap over top and vertical storage sections with a divider in the middle.  I found that this level was great for socks and undergarments.

Second and third level: Mainly for shirt and pants, I tried both the folding and rolling methods, and I preferred the rolling style because as I was packing at home, I laid the PACK organizer down flat with the openings facing up, and it was just easier to place my clothes rolled up. I was able to fit like 5-6 pieces of clothing in each level. However, if it is a thicker sweater than you may be limited to 2-3 items per level.

Fourth level: This level also has a divider that turns this level into two small compartments. Pack whatever else that needs packing! I’ve typically used this section to put my workout clothes and various toiletry items.

Hanging Options

What I love about this organizer is the fact that I can pull it out and have it ready to go.  With the hooks and the top handle available to you, there are two different ways to hang the PACK Gear Travel Organizer.

1)  Two-hook option to hang on any sort of closet rod like this one you’ll find a hotel roomPack Gear Hanging Pockets Fully Open

2)  Handle option on the top to hang on any hook.

Pack Gear Top Handle Hanging

Construction and Quality

Pack Gear Collapsed To Storage Form

I used this organizer for a two day trip where I combined it with my carryon luggage.  It kept things so organized and compact that still had plenty of room for shoes, daypack, and umbrella.

The construction and quality of the Pack Gear Travel Organizer is exceptional.  Using high quality nylon and sturdy stitching, this is the kind of thing that will stand the test of rough handling while travelling.  The hooks are very sturdy and unbending.  The clips are also nice and tight so that everything is nice and snug when you’re on the go.

Size wise, here are a few stats.  On it’s own, the PACK Gear Travel Organizer folds into a tiny 1/2″ x 9″ x 7″.  It weighs less than a single t-shirt and slides easily into a manila envelope.  When expanded, it fills up to 18″ x 9″ x 7″.

Pack Gear In Suitcase

Bottom Line

Overall I really enjoyed using this PACK gear organizer, a simple idea, made well with quality material. I can see myself using it in many situations whether it be backpacking or staying at hotels for leisure or for business. It actually reminds me of the IKEA closet organizer but a smaller travel version.

Thumbs Up

  • Is as easy as advertised.  Pull out of your bag and it’s good to go.
  • Keeps all of your clothes and other travel gear extremely organized.
  • High quality materials used.

Thumbs Down

  • No compression straps to make the size even smaller.
  • The amount of clips takes a bit of time to figure out and can be a bit finicky.
  • Lack of zippers to truly close things off from the elements.
  • You lose a bit of the modular abilities of having separate packing cubes but it really comes to your packing style.

Where to Buy

Pick up the organizer straight from the source for $44.99 USD.

Does that sound a lot for you?  Well lucky for you that you’re readers of Going Awesome Places because I’m offering an exclusive 20% off coupon.  Use code: Places20% to pick up your very own PACK Gear Travel Organizer.  

This organizer is the first product from PACK Gear company, I can’t wait to see what other cool travel stuff they come up with next!

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received the PACK Gear Travel Organizer for review from PACK Gear as coordinated by Deep Creek Public Relations in consideration for review publication.

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  1. This sounds like something my wife could really use. I say my wife because I’m so tall that I’m not sure any of my stuff would fit.

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