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What To Do In Montreal: JustFly’s Top Picks

What To Do In Montreal: JustFly’s Top Picks

One of Canada’s most famous cities, Montreal is a huge draw to tourists from across North America and the World. With its unique blend of French Canadian heritage and nuevo English Canadian tradition, Montreal is one of the World’s most interesting cities and hands down the most unique city in Canada. To find out some the best attractions in the city of Montreal I spoke with JustFly. JustFly reviews top attractions across the world as a means to inform their customers about how to enjoy their vacations. I asked them what their favourite places to see in Montreal are.

Montreal Canadiens

Montreal Canadiens

What is the first word that comes to mind when you think of Canada? Many would say hockey. This is no different in Montreal where the Montreal Canadiens are king. For over a century the Montreal Canadiens have reigned supreme in the NHL, winning a record 24 Stanley Cups. Today, they continue to electrify crowds at the Bell Centre. If one wants to get a first hand taste of Montreal, your best bet is to start at a game. Not only does it introduce you to one of Montreal’s most beloved entities, it also introduces you to Montreal’s downtown core, allowing you to explore before and after the game the many restaurants and bars that line the streets of downtown Montreal.

The Old Port
Vieux Montreal Old Port

Montreal’s most famous historic district, The Old Port is a labyrinth of cobblestone streets, historic buildings, and quaint shops and restaurants. Situated along the riverfront of the Saint Lawrence River, The Old Port dates back to the origins of Montreal. Today, The Old Port is a great place to see a myriad of street performers, check out unique shops, and enjoy an awesome meal on a terrace or patio.

The Plateau

Montreal Plateau View Evening

From something old, to something new. The Plateau, a neighbourhood situated Northeast of downtown Montreal according to JustFly, is hipster central. Dotted with cafes, secondhand stores, and more bike lanes than car lanes, The Plateau is a rather tranquil place. In addition to the cute cafes and varied shops that line the nooks and crannies of this neighbourhood, The Plateau is also home to two of Montreal’s most famous and nicest parks. The first is Park LaFontaine. This grassy expanse is a sportspersons dream. This park is an excellent place for a run, while batting cages and various courts allow for organized sports. In the Winter the stakes are raised, with Park LaFontaine featuring some of the best facilities for outdoor hockey and skating. Mont Royal Park is situated on the namesake of Montreal, Mont Royal. This park encompasses much of the mountain, and features numerous views and great trails to explore along the way!

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