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Why You Should Consider Taking A Bus In The US

Why You Should Consider Taking A Bus In The US

In recent years, flying has been increasingly more challenging with all the new rules, crowded routes, security lines, and shrinking seats.  At the same time, rising gas prices have made it more difficult to find good fares which leads the way for travellers to start thinking about alternatives.

Taking the bus may not be as glamorous as flying or even grabbing your keys to hit the road yourself, but there are a ton of reasons to consider hopping on one for your next trip around America.  Here is why I think you should.

Image via Flickr by James Willamore

Cheaper Fares

Sure there are a ton of low cost carriers out there in this day and age but if you take a close look at bus fares, you might be surprised how cheap it can get.   The infamous “China Town” busses operate between big east coast cities like New York, Boston, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C. only cost $15.  Megabus is another company that offers insanely cheap deals where you can find fares for as little as $1.

Wifi While Travelling

Many of the newer buses are now outfitted with wifi which means you can get work done while on the road which will make the time pass that much faster and much more comfortable.  The leg up that buses have on planes here is that typically wifi is free or close to free.  Gogo wifi is typically around $16 for an all-day pass.

Image via Flickr by Roadsidepictures

Image via Flickr by Roadsidepictures


There are way more bus terminals and stops than there are airports in the US.  This means that buses cover a vast amount of ground that spans from large cities to the small obscure towns.  If you’re someone that wants to go off the beaten path, this is perfect for getting you to the charming countryside or the suburbs.


This may shock you but research has shown that the carbon footprint of a plane is almost equivalent to if all the individual passengers had to drive from point A to B.  There’s also additional byproducts of flying that harm the environment.  On the other hand, taking a bus is significantly more green, consuming less fuel per passenger mile than even the train.

Saves Time

Okay yes, without a doubt, planes are faster than buses but when you combine all the extra logistics that are involved, you might be surprised that taking a bus may be faster.  When you factor in the time it takes to get to the airport since they’re usually in the suburbs, extra time for security and customs, connection times, layovers, and delays, that’s a lot of extra time.

So on your next trip, find multiple bus schedules and prices as part of your planning process.  You never know, you might be surprised with what you find.

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