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Why You Want To See Toyota’s Vision Towards Tomorrow

Why You Want To See Toyota’s Vision Towards Tomorrow

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Toyota Canada. All opinions are 100% mine.

In the market for a new car, the timing couldn’t have been more perfect for Toyota’s new event in the city called Towards Tomorrow.  Set on the second floor of  Square One Shopping Centre where the Target used to be, you’ll find an interactive exhibition of Toyota’s latest city savvy cars.  I had a chance to visit this 3 month long event and wanted to give you a glimpse into what to expect. Square One Towards Tomorrow Entrance So first all why Toyota?

A Toyota Love Story

I love travel but I love my cars too and for as long as I can remember we’ve always had a Toyota in the family.  It all started when my Grandpa decided to buy his Camry when I was still in elementary school.  I thought it was the coolest car ever.  I didn’t know much about cars but playing with that button that could make the window go up and down sure was fun. University came around and my parents knew they needed a bigger car because I was constantly moving back and forth from Waterloo every 4 months and that’s when the Sienna minivan was introduced.  While no longer “cool” anymore, our minivan was a powerhouse with all the road trips we did and my boxes upon boxes of things I needed for school.  The best part of the van was being able to sit in the back and pass out. When it came to my first car, I did a lot of looking around but at the end of the day, I wanted to stick to the Toyota line of cars and I ended up with a used Lexus IS300.  The IS was a thing of beauty and a car I was always proud of driving.  It was also as durable as cars go, never once having engine issues. Toyota Towards Tomorrow 2016 Rav4 Hybrid So what’s next?  We’re looking into SUVs right now and the 2016 Toyota Rav4 Hybrid is high on the list of possibilities.  With the new generation that just came out, you get a lot of bang for buck when it comes to space, fuel economy, technology, features, and luxury.

The Towards Tomorrow Experience

The Towards Tomorrow Event space is very manageable and not overwhelming at all.  As a result, they’ve been able to really focus in on 4 of their latest cars – the Prius, Prius c, Rav4 Hybrid, and Scion iM. Toyota Towards Tomorrow Event in Mississauga With each car, you’re able to explore as you please and ask as many questions as you’d like.  Inside each car, you’ll also find a tablet to get your name into the draw for 100,000 Aeroplan points. Beyond the cars, there are a number of interactive experiences available. Towards Tomorrow Rav4 Photobooth Experience The Rav4 Hybrid has a photobooth type of camera which snaps 3 photos of you and the sleek new SUV with alternating backgrounds.  You pick what you like and that one gets sent to you via e-mail. Towards Tomorrow Digital Graffiti Installation In this one you get to turn loose your rebellious side by spraying your own digital graffiti. Towards Tomorrow Virtual Reality Driving Game I also was able to try my hand at driving a Prius in virtual reality.  Let’s just say that you would not want me to be on your team in a virtual reality driving competition.

If You’re Looking For A Car…

Towards Tomorrow Friendly Representatives I ended up spending a good 40 minutes at the event and I came out of it thinking that all car shopping experiences should be like this.  Why wouldn’t you want to go to a place where you could casually stroll in, touch, feel and immerse yourself in cars you’re interested in without having the pressure of a salesperson watching over like a hawk? Beyond that, you can still ask all the dumb questions you want to ask about the cars because there’s a knowledgable Toyota rep onsite and you can do a test drive too (starting in April) while you’re at it.

And If You’re Not In the Market…

Toyota Towards Tomorrow Charing Station There’s a lot of reasons to make your way out to Square One but not all of them are because you’re looking for a Toyota car.  Here’s why.

  • There’s more than enough things to keep your kids occupied when you go with their play station, the digital graffiti art wall, and virtual reality driving game.
  • If your phone is low on battery, there are charging stations where you can leave your phone locked in a small cubby while you shop the mall.
  • There’s a chance to win 100,000 Aeroplan miles by filling out a simple form on a tablet.
  • Take silly photos in front of the new Rav4 with alternating backgrounds that you can e-mail to yourself.
  • Receive a “Keys to the City” package which give you exclusive perks and discounts.
Keys to the City with discount coupons

Keys to the City with discount coupons

Event Details

  • Dates:  March 5 – May 31, 2016
  • Location:  Square One Shopping Centre (100 City Centre Dr., Mississauga, ON) located in the old Target space on the 2nd floor which is near Rathburn and Duke of York.
  • Event will feature Toyota’s City Savvy vehicles which are perfect for your big life.
    • Prius
    • RAV4 Hybrid
    • Prius c,
    • Scion iM
  • Interactive experiences
    • Virtual Reality Driving
    • Digital Art Installation
    • Photobooth
  • Ability to experience vehicles first hand with test drives later in the promotion (April/May weekends only)
  • Toyota has partnered with local businesses across the GTA to offer guests special perks and offers to say thank you for visiting Towards Tomorrow by Toyota. There are four offers in total:
    • Pure Spirits Oyster House and Grill – Six (6) free oysters with the purchase of an entrée
    • Infinite Yoga – Enjoy a free class with a friend
    • Total Cleanse – Access to a secret juice menu and 20% off any juice cleanse
    • Lost Canada Escape Room – 30% off admission and group photo taken for sharing
  • Keys to the City will be given out to lucky visitors who participate in the in-store experiences, engage with the vehicles or brand ambassadors
  • Chances to win 100,000 Aeroplan Miles (enough for two round trip tickets in North America!)

Learn more on Toyota Canada’s Facebook event page.

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