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Would You Travel To Jurassic World?

Would You Travel To Jurassic World?

As a sequel to Jurassic Park, a new park called Jurassic World is opened 22 years later.  Of course everything goes horribly wrong and the heroes somehow have to make it off the island.  That got me thinking though.  Pretend this was real life and there was an island somewhere that had genetically engineered dinosaurs.  Would you travel there?

Completely Unique


Something like Jurassic World ticks off this bucket.  When we travel we’re always looking for unique and incredible experiences.  Being able to see dinosaurs in the flesh just sounds absolutely ridiculous so if you’re someone that is hungry for once-in-a-lifetime experiences, how could you refuse.



Think about the appeal for Africa and going on a safari.  Year over year, more people are going to Africa to get up close and personal with the majestic animals of the Serengeti.  Then you think about setting up camp on the same grounds as the animals out in the wild and you realize that anything can happen out there too.  I know security precautions are in place but you would say the same thing about Jurassic World too right?



I think the only thing that I would be put off by is the incredible price tag of an experience like this.  If you’re working off of backpacker budgets, this would probably be out of your league.  That being said, I’ve done expensive experiences like Palau, the Maldives so if its talked up enough and again one of those “you have to go before you die” kind of things, you’d try to make it happen right?

All things considered, it’d be hard to say no to that kind of opportunity.  In fact, now that you’ve processed all of this, I have the perfect test to try.  Over at ATD, they have an article on surviving Jurassic World that you have to check out.

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