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St. John’s Itinerary in Newfoundland

Newfoundland & Labrador is a province that hangs on the eastern edge of Canada and is begging to be explored.  Conjuring up images of slow-motion montages, colourful houses, seafaring villages, and friendly smiles, I've been wanting to see this beautiful province for a long time.

Flying into St. John's and only have 1 full day to explore the city?  It's nowhere close to the number of days you need to fully appreciate everything the province to offer but it is enough to give you a taste to make you hungry for more.


4:30 AM – First Sunrise

Watching the sun rise from the shimmering Atlantic with the lighthouse and white picket fence in the foreground and lonely fishing boat gliding across was absolutely incredible.

9 AM – Starting The Irish Loop

 I could just picture myself here with family and friends, BBQ-ing on the deck, and taking in the crisp ocean breeze, jagged rocks jutting out from the water, and protected  bird islands that feel like are only a stone's throw away.

11:30AM – O’Brien’s Whale and Bird Tours

What really made O'Brien's a great experience was the energy, enthusiasm, and knowledge of our guide who was on the microphone the whole time we were up on the upper deck

2:30PM – A Pretty Petty Harbour

Here, we had a chance to meet the folks that run the Petty Harbour Mini Aquarium, tried our hand at being lumberjacks, and munched on a traditional Newfoundlander dish called toutons.

3:40 PM – Quidi Vidi Awesome

Comparing to Petty Harbour, Quidi Vidi is certainly more iconic but my personal opinion is that the lane of rainbow boats at Petty Harbour made it that much more photogenic.

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