With thousands of kilometres of coastline, Nova Scotia has a staggering number of lighthouses. In fact, with a total of 287 lighthouses, this is the largest number in Canada.

This is often the side that's less-travelled but as you're about to see, offers some of the most brilliant views, stories, and experiences of the maritimes.

Prim Point Lighthouse stands watch over the deep water passage where the current Fundy Rose ferry goes back and forth between Digby and Saint John.

1. Prim Point Lighthouse

Inside the lighthouse, you'll find a wealth of artifacts here including photos, quilts, carvings, and archival prints.

2. Gilbert's Cove Lighthouse

3. Belliveau Cove Lighthouse

You're able to walk right up to the lighthouse by walking along the wall that has boulder breakwater flanking both sides.

The lighthouse sits atop sprawling steep cliffs that reach out into the open water.

4. Cape St. Mary's Lighthouse

When you visit, make sure to partake in one of the two climbing experiences, which include a spiral staircase climb to the top of the tower and a full great view of the cape.

5. Cape Forchu Lighthouse

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