10 Day Itinerary for Egypt Highlights 

Egypt is a land of wonder.  From the epic pyramids, the mystic Nile, and endless layers of stories, this is the kind of trip that will literally blow your mind at every turn.

The scale of everything you see will blow you away.  The fact that this all happened thousands of years ago will blow you away.  The waves of heat will also blow you away.

Day 1 – Cairo –The Arrival

For the rest of your day, feel free to walk along the main street in Giza, explore your resort, or just hang out on your rooftop while watching the sunset.  Like I said, Day 1 is a nice chill day.

Day 2 – Cairo – All the Pyramids

To see the the pyramids and the whole of the Giza Necropolis for the first time from your rooftop is jaw-dropping but then to be right at its base and see all the huge blocks of granite is something else.

Day 3 – Cairo – Antiquities Old and New

 This is your chance to see locals going about their day, shops selling their wares, and the fascinating architecture of mosques and maze of the neighborhood. 

Day 4 – Luxor – Ancient City of Thebes

Luxor Temple was started by Amenhotep III but continued to completed and added on by proceeding pharaohs. This is a massive complex that will take time to explore. 

Next steps

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