The Magdalen Islands (French name is Îles de la Madeleine or simply Les Îles.) is part of the Province of Quebec and belongs to a region called Quebec maritime. 

Winter in the Magdalen Islands is not to be missed. For those that are adventurous enough to brave the cold, there are a bounty of treasures to be uncovered in the snow and ice.

Baby Harp Seal Observation

Fluffy white, wide eyed, and cuteness overload. Every year, harp seals swim to this region of the Gulf of St. Lawrence to give birth to their pups on stable platforms of ice called ice floes.

Visit the Lighthouses

The white lighthouses with their vibrant red tops standing as sentinels amongst the blanket of snow are a favourite capture for photographers.

Craft Beers At À l’Abri De La Tempête

Don’t let the size of the islands fool you. This microbrewery is constantly innovating with their classic and limited-edition bottles.

It’s quite the spectacle to see these red foxes in their natural habitat. In the winter, you’ll see their red fur, fluffy white-tipped tail, and pointed ears against the white tundra backdrop.

Look For Red Foxes In The Snow

Crafts From The Sea

Where sand meets the sea on the southern island of Havre Aubert is a one-of-a-kind studio, Atelier Côtier. It’s a gallery, boutique, science centre, and playground all wrapped in one.

Drive Island To Island

Our favourite stretch of road is the long thin strip between Pointe-aux-Loups and Gross-Île-Nord where you’re flanked by dunes on both sides.

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