Are you on the lookout for easy weekend trips from San Francisco? Then, we’ve got you covered!

San Francisco takes into account a range of interests, from indoors to outdoors, and motives from adventure to relaxation, so that you can enjoy your time away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Hope Valley is known for its spectacular fall colors, which can be seen on Highway 89 and Luther's Pass, fly fishing, camping, hiking, and outdoor recreational activity opportunities.

Hope Valley


Mendocino features picturesque Redwoods, clear-water beaches, vibrant botanical gardens, and rewarding trails surrounded by thriving nature waiting to be explored!

Guerneville is famous for its stunning ancient redwood forests, high-rated wineries and wine tastings, art galleries, boutiques, cafes, and more!


Napa Valley

Around Napa Valley, there are other desirable and attractive qualities to enjoy, like the Michelin-star restaurants, spas, and resorts, to savor during your weekend getaway! 

Carmel Valley

Carmel Valley's charm is seductive, the family-friendly vibes, vineyards, farms, and golf courses make for a rewarding and relaxing visit.

Big Sur

The area is popular for its turquoise waters, rugged cliff sides, scenic coastlines paired with beachside, hiking, and scuba diving activities to adventure the natural and thriving destination.

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