2 Week Peru Itinerary

As far as trips go, my two weeks in Peru achieved a level of legendary status that I nor my companions will ever forget.  It was my first trip to South America and I will certainly say not the last.

Whether it was spotting macaws early in the morning, meeting local families, wandering ancient ruins, or exploring the depths of the jungle, Peru’s magic and mystery will leave you in awe.

Upon landing, we grabbed a cab straight to our hotel, Casa Wayra B&B in Miraflores. This was a cheap stay in a good location.

Day 1

One of the big highlights of the day included our tour of Qurikancha which was once the site of the most important temple in the Inca empire.

Day 2 – Cusco

We made our way over to the Marcelo Batata Culinary Experience. The 5 hour class was quite the thorough experience that truly gives you a better appreciation of Peruvian food and how to properly taste them.

Day 3 – Cooking in Cusco

As part of our acclimatization process, we planned 2 days in the Sacred Valley with two separate operators.

Day 4 – Sacred Valley with KB Tambo

A company called KB Tambo offered a “Super Day” private tour option that had all the things we were looking for. I was quite amazed with everything we saw on this day trip with the highlight being the salt mines and the Moray circles.

Sacred Valley with KB Tambo

We wanted to go a little off the beaten path. There were less options for this and one company that really stood out was Andean Encounters. What stood out the most from them was that one of his itineraries included time with a local family.

Day 5 – Sacred Valley with Andean Encounters

Next steps

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