As we've done with our Torres del Paine travel guide, since there is a lot of information to digest, we're going to start with the basics of traveling to the Atacama Desert.

San Pedro de Atacama and its surroundings are unlike any other desert landscape you might've been to and you'll find that there are more activities and sights than you can cram in.

1. Laguna Chaxa

If you want to see a flamboyance of flamingos (yes, this is what you call a gathering of these pink-feathered friends), this lagoon can't be missed.

This vast area is aptly named Valley of the Moon because it is truly feels like you're on the surface of the moon.

2. Valle de la Luna

You'll see the jaw-dropping copper-coloured rounded rocks juxtaposed against the crystalized salt and pastel-shaded mountains.

3. Piedras Rojas

4. Lagunas Miscanti y Miñiques

Here, the deep blues of the lake are surrounded by the volcanic desert mountains.

5. Geyser del Tatio

Proudly as the highest geyser field in the world, fleets of cars and vans drive up here in the dark to be able to catch the geysers when they are the most active in the morning.

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