Guide to Travel Clothes Washing

One of the most useful skills to have when travelling isn't being able to find free wifi or reading a map. It's actually about making sure you don't stink.

The travel clothes washing technique

Once you learn the travel clothes washing steps, you'll understand how easy it is and why you might as well do this on your own.

Step 1:  Drop the sink stop and fill up with warm water

The water here should be warm but not too hot because you don't want to burn your hands.

Unlike a laundry machine, you don't want to dump all your dirty clothes into the sink. At most you're cleaning 2 items at a time.

Step 2:  Drop in a few pieces of clothing into the sink

Step 3:  Add soap

Soap is what makes the magic happen.

There's no specific scrub technique you need to follow but there are a couple of basic motions you can do. 

Step 4:  Get your scrub on

Step 5:  Rinse

With the same warm water, rinse your clothes out to get the soap off. Unplug the sink and allow the water to drain out the soap as well.

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