How To Spend 4 Days In Bremen And Bremerhaven In Germany – An Itinerary

In the Northwestern part of Germany lies a hidden gem. No, it’s not Hamburg, it’s a city called Bremen and if you follow the Weser River north, you’ll reach its sister city, Bremerhaven.

They’re off the beaten path for most but if you’ve been as I have, you know that these two cities have an incredible amount to offer.

Day 1 – Bremen and Beck’s

Round out your afternoon in Bremen by making the scenic walk along the Weser River towards the Beck’s Brewery. The Beck’s Brewery Tour is easily one of the highlights for anyone who loves beer.

Day 2 – Discover Bremen

During the day, it’s your chance to truly see how dynamic this neighborhood is, and at night, this is where all the bar lights turn on and it’s buzzing with activity.

What makes the German Emigration Center so well done is that they created a museum that’s doesn’t bore you with artifacts behind glass and photos with descriptive plaques.

Day 3 – Story of Emigration in Bremerhaven

Day 4 – Climate Museum in Bremerhaven

You get to travel from country to country, seeking out the stories of the locals that live there, the pressing issues in climate, impacts on weather, and the living animals and plants that we co-exist with.


That’s what made the trip that much more of an adventure and a memorable journey because I didn’t have any preconceived ideas or expectations.

Both of these cities are well worth the trip for their incredible charm, ability to create truly world-class museums that don’t feel like museums, and understated maritime Hanseatic heritage.

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