4 Day Itinerary in Bremen and Bremerhaven

In the Northwestern part of Germany lies a hidden gem. It’s a city called Bremen and if you follow the Weser River north, you’ll reach its sister city, Bremerhaven.

These two cities have an incredible amount to offer. With this 4 day itinerary of Bremen and Bremerhaven, be surprisingly delighted with what you can see, eat, do, and experience.

Day 1 – Bremen and Beck’s

The Market Square is the heart of the city and where the action starts. One of the most iconic restaurants in the city, Bremer Ratskeller, which is located right underneath the Town Hall.

Day 2 – Discover Bremen

The first area to walk around is the neighbourhood known as The Viertel. It’s your chance to see truly how dynamic this at night, this is all the bar lights turn on and it’s buzzing with activity. 

There’s a super convenient local train that connects Bremen to Bremerhaven and it only takes 45 minutes. They run practically every hour so you won’t have any problems catching a ride.

Day 3 – Story of Emigration in Bremerhaven

Day 4 – Climate Museum in Bremerhaven

Exploring Bremerhaven’s maritime heritage by making your way down to the historic area known as Shop Window Fishery Harbor (Schaufenster Fischereihafen).  

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