This is a city that played a pretty significant part in European history. As a Free Hanseatic City from the 12th century, in Medieval times, this was a booming port city.

With this list of things to do in Bremen in 48 hours, you can easily add this as one of your destinations for day trips from Hamburg.  

Bremen City Hall/Town Hall

This is the centrepiece of Bremen’s Market Square and one of the most beautiful civic buildings in all of Europe. The Bremen Town Hall is over 600 years old.


There’s an unbounded energy to this area that’s grounded by the corner street where you’ll find my favourite cafe, Coffee Corner.

What makes this a great brewery tour, this is not a theme park experience. Everyone has to wear a reflective work vest, and once you’re learning about how Beck’s makes their beer

Beck’s Brewery

Böttcherstraße & Haus des Glockenspiels

It is primarily constructed out of red brick and assembled in an ornate art-deco fashion. What makes it almost whimsical here is that there are no specific rules that the design follows. 

Town Musicians of Bremen

This fairy tale by the Brother’ Grimm follows domestic animals. They’re the mascots for the city and it’s quite a fitting one because it’s a story that follows the theme of “strength in unity”.

Schnoor Quarter

This is the oldest neighbourhood in Bremen and as such is full of character and winding and narrow cobblestone streets that are begging to be explored.

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