5 Day Arkansas Itinerary – Adventure in the Ozarks

The Ozark region is a place that many know the name of, but most don’t necessarily know the vast natural treasures that can be found here that make it an iconic landscape.

The Ozark region is in fact quite expansive, and covers the 4 states of Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Kansas. Covering 47,000 square miles (120,000 km2), this is the most extensive highland region between the Appalachians and Rockies.

The sprawling beauty is what makes the Ozarks a favorite for many that know its secrets. With a majority of the region in northwestern Arkansas, this itinerary will give a good reason for why its nickname is The Natural State.

The Wanderlust Cabin evokes a sense of wonder and excitement for the adventure that’s laid out in front of your eyes. As a modern cottage, this is the ultimate accommodation.

Day 1 – Dreamy Wanderlust Cabin

Day 2 – Impressive Buffalo National River

This waterway is an iconic part of the Ozarks and the western portion is widely regarded as the most scenic. The best way to experience it is by float adventure.

Eureka Springs has a little bit of everything, from beautiful 19th and early 20th-century Victorian architecture, historic hotels, boutique shops galore, clean mountain air, to the spiritual and paranormal.

Day 3 – Eclectic Eureka Springs

Day 4 – Razorback Greenway in Fayetteville

You’ll head north of the city to Pedego Electric Bikes. While most people think they only sell their house-brand electric bikes (e-bike), the secret is that they also rent e-bikes – perfect for visitors that want to explore the Razorback Greenway trail.

Day 5 – Epic Mountain Biking in Bentonville

With your legs warmed up from the day before, you’re going to be ready to tackle what’s proudly the mountain biking capital of the world. Bentonville further cements the Ozarks and Arkansas specifically, as a cyclist’s dream come true.

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