5 Tasty New Zealand Souvenirs You Have To Buy Before You Leave

After you’ve spent all those weeks in the beautiful country, you’re naturally going to start to think about what to bring back home.

What I like to do is find unique and tasty souvenirs to bring back where you can really bring back for them to try. It’s often much more thoughtful, delicious, and a closer "taste" of New Zealand.

Whittaker’s Chocolate

They’re a local favourite for good reason because of their emphasis on using high-quality cocoa beans, highly controlled processes, and obsession in keeping the cocoa butter and mass together.

Manuka Honey

This is what New Zealand has really become known for. Manuka honey is a special type of honey that’s primarily found here that comes from bees pollinating a native bush called manuka.

What's unique about these Tim Tams are that they’re meant to be chilled in the fridge. The "Chill Me!" part of the packaging actually changes colour when it's cold.

Special Edition Tim Tams


In 1097, lemon juice was combined with carbonated mineral water from the town of Paeroa, and voila, L&P was born. If you plan on bringing a few of these home, I would avoid packing these in your suitcase in case they leak/blow up.

Creamed Manuka

Creamed honey is basically a process to control the crystallization of raw honey and results in a smooth, spreadable consistency.

Where should I buy all of this stuff?

Your first instinct might be the duty-free, but that would be the wrong answer. The best prices for food goods in New Zealand is in a warehouse-style grocery store called Pak’n’Save.

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