8 Best Things To Do in Mammoth Lakes

Mammoth Lakes in Northern California is an outdoor paradise in every sense of the word. You’ll find this town nestled in the Sierra Nevada mountains.

If it's it’s your first time here, you’ll learn that there are a mix of well-known and hidden spots to explore. The goal of this guide is to surface the best things to do in Mammoth Lakes.

Watch the Sunset at Minaret Vista

The best place to see these jagged peaks is from the official Minaret Vista Viewpoint which can be reached on the same road that also leads you to Devils Postpile National Monument and Reds Meadow.

Epic Photography at Hot Creek Geological Site

This is a natural wonder that features bubbling water from the creek bed, periodic geyser eruptions, and fumaroles thanks to a chamber of magma.

It’s the name of the four-seasons mountain resort and it’s also the summit that stands to be the tallest lift-served summit in California.

Ride the Gondola Up Mammoth Mountain

Hike to Crystal Lake

The most popular hike in the Mammoth Lakes area. Thoroughly enjoy the alpine beauty and serenity of Crystal Lake and also its panoramic views of Mammoth Lakes Basin.

See the Other-Worldly Tufa Towers of Mono Lake

The distinctive tufa towers are accompanied by quite the unusual eco-system that consists of brine shrimp and alkali flies, which add to the mysterious nature of the lake.

Marvel at the Devils Postpile National Monument Up Close

A must-see wonder as part of that is the Devils Postpile National Monument. You’ll find an incredible example of columnar basalt formations that is a rare sight to see.

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