9 Day Easter Island Itinerary – The Best Way To See Rapa Nui 

Easter Island is somewhere you feel like you know, but once you get there, you realize there’s so much more to it.

In this 9-day Easter Island tour, we set the record straight on the best way to do it, navigate the latest rules to the national park, and make sure you see all of the most important Moai statues.

Day 1: Arrival on Easter Island

Your first day is a smooth way to change gears from what you might’ve gotten used to on the mainland. Slip on your flip flops, proudly don your lei, and watch one heck of a sunset.

Day 2: Moai Monuments Tour

You’ll see a number of moai atop of their ceremonial platforms, well-preserved examples of the rock foundation used to build the houses shaped like boats, and stone chicken houses.

You’ll get to dive deeper into the history of Rapa Nui and you’ll also get to walk the coast around Hanga Roa towards a cave with a name that translates to Cannibal Cave.

Day 3: Museum and Coastal Walk

Day 4: Historic Pathways Tour

A classic day tour to complement the Moai Monuments Tour with Green Island Tours, where you’ll go deeper into the culture, history, and even geography with a tour called Historic Pathways Tour.

Day 5: Incredible Crater Hike and Kari Kari

A visit to Easter Island wouldn’t be complete without going to a traditional Rapa Nui dance show. The most popular one on the island is called Kari Kari. For an hour, you’ll be treated to an authentic showcase of Rapanui dance and music.

Day 6: Water Filled Day

Off the coast of Easter Island is a mysterious moai wrapped in coral, and there are also gold-sand beaches to take advantage of.

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