9 Day Omo Valley Ethiopia Itinerary

The nine days I spent there weren’t always the easiest but the inside access we had into the tribes of Omo was like something straight out of Discovery Channel.

The opportunity to go back and view a land frozen in time in Ethiopia’s South Omo Valley region was unforgettable in many respects.  A trip like this is raw, visceral, thought-provoking and simply astounding.

Addis Ababa to Arba Minch

The terminal can be a bit confusing. Our original plan was to stay at the airport for our 6-hour layover but we were foiled in several ways.

The Road to Jinka

The drive from Arba Minch to Jinka takes about 5 hours with vast landscapes and several villages to see along the way. We stopped a few times to buy fruit from the kids on the side of the streets.

Start to Omo Valley itinerary/evening with the Mursi Tribe

It was nice to just chat with them and try our hardest to learn their language, as they laughed at our attempts.  They genuinely were humored by our phrasing and took everything in great humor.

Make sure you head over to my post about our Donga Stick Fighting Tournament experience for more information on this experience. 

Accidental donga

Ari to Turmi

As we got closer, dark clouds rolled in and we had to battle a fierce rain and sandstorm.  With what little visibility we had, we eventually found the village and ducked into the village hut.

Next steps

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