A Week in Ireland

With only 7 days to work with, we knew that to do the Emerald Isle in its entirety was going to be impossible.

That’s why I put together this brilliant 7 day Ireland itinerary that focuses primarily on the southern part that covers some of the very best that the island has to offer.

It’s here that you truly get an idea of the Christian movement that swept through Ireland, with the remains of buildings like the church and the giant Round Tower that stands 30 meters high.


Kilkenny was known to me before for their Irish cream ale but what I didn’t know was the castle, that makes up the heart of the city, is the perfect place to have a picnic.


You get to learn a part of this story through impressive historic sites like Rock of Cashel which is an ancient fortification set up on limestone rock straight out of Game of Thrones.


Have you ever kissed a famous stone? It sounds a little preposterous, and in some ways it was, as we had to queue for an hour to get to the top, but who can argue the leveling up of eloquence?


This is the island of Skellig Michael and the ruins of a Christian monastery. You can follow over 600 steps up to the isolated monastery to find the beehive-shaped huts.


One of the many fingers that stretch into the Atlantic, this magical kingdom of Kerry and its circuit open to spectacular mountains, cliffs, beaches, quaint towns, narrow roads, views of great valleys, and medieval ruins.


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