Adventure in the Ozarks of Missouri – A 6 Day Itinerary

There’s been a lot of attention given to the Ozark region thanks to the TV show but if you look deeper, you realize that it’s a vast and ancient highland that covers multiple states, is dotted with many geological wonders, and has a web of winding country roads.

After much care and research, we put together this 6 day Ozarks of Missouri itinerary that gets you to experience this incredible outdoor playground.

You start off your Missouri trip with a huge bang – literally. From epic wildlife viewing, a drive-yourself electric cart tour, and sunset ceremony, this sets the tone for how magical this part of the Ozarks is.

Day 1 – Dogwood Canyon and Top of the Rock

Silver Dollar City is firmly cemented as a must-do activity if you’re coming to this part of the Missouri Ozarks because it’s so much more than your average amusement park. They have the heart-pumping coasters and splash-filled floats.

Day 2 – Silver Dollar City

Day 3 – Ozark National Scenic Riverways

Sprouting from the two major rivers, Current River and Jacks Fork River, are a bounty of caves, mills, waterfalls, and springs, many of which you’ll get to explore.

It’s time to say goodbye to the hospitality of Betty Lea Lodge. Have a quick breakfast, pack your bags, and take the winding country roads east towards the first of the famous rock formations.

Day 4 – Shut-Ins and Elephants

Day 5 – Adventurer of Mines and Ninja Obstacles

You’ll experience the extremes above and below ground. Your adrenaline will be guaranteed to be pumping. One of the most exciting things you’ll do on your trip through the Ozarks is a visit to Bonne Terre Mine.

Day 6 – Katy Trail

This stretch of the Katy Trail is a great opportunity to a scenic part of the state where trails are flanked by tall forests, opens up to the Missouri River in some sections, crosses a few bridges, and passes by unique rock formations.

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