How To Plan A Trip to Banff in Winter –  A 6 Day Itinerary

The splendour of Banff National Park is undeniable all year round, but there's something magical about coming here when it's transformed into a winter wonderland.

With this 6 day itinerary, you'll see how you can plan an adventure-filled trip that covers the best of Banff in winter.

Day 1 – Discovering SnowDays

When you're on Banff Avenue, lined with historic architecture and the towering Cascade Mountain, it's hard not to stop and stare.

Get to know the town by exploring the main street of Banff Avenue, and also the popular street that runs parallel to it, Bear Street.

Day 2 – Lake Louise Ski Resort

Your day 2 is like being shot out of a cannon because this mountain that's part of the SkiBig3 collection of resorts is big and epic.

As you carve your way down, you'll have an unbelievable cheek-to-cheek smile, that'll be hard to rub off.

Day 3 – Mount Norquay and Fat Bikes

On day 3 of your Banff in winter itinerary, not only will you have the thrill of your life snow tubing, you'll also get to pedal through more of the quintessential Canadian mountain town you haven't seen yet.

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