12 Of The Best Apps For Japan Travel 

Whether you’re a first timer or a frequent traveller to the country, it’s always a bit overwhelming especially in big cities such as Tokyo and Osaka where you’re faced with endless number of neighbourhoods.

It’s a lot to take in but thanks to a couple of apps, your life on the road in Japan can be made a lot easier.

Google Maps

You’ll use it to find places you want to go and you can use it to navigate as well.

I use it to complement it in situations where I know there’s going to be blackout of data or simply put, I’m too cheap to pay for data.



What makes HyperDia a godsend is that it’s useable Japanese website that has English translations.

Japan Travel by NAVITIME

NaviTime is a comprehensive app that has everything you need to know about not only Tokyo’s transportation network but also the rest of the country.

Tokyo Subway Navigation

Easy to use, and for me, it's all about seeing the subway system lines so I can quickly figure out how to get to where I need to go.

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