Best Areas To Stay In Oahu

Oahu is among the best destinations for a tropical getaway, thanks to its crystal-turquois waters, stunning hikes, jaw-dropping wildlife, and glittering cities.

This complete guide on the best spots to stay on the island, we want to help you narrow down the top accommodations in Oahu for your travel needs.


Hawaii’s capital city. Waikiki is a stone’s throw away from many of Oahu’s top attractions, so it’s always packed with tourists

Ala Moana

Ala Moana is the right choice when traveling on a budget. You will find more locals than tourists, meaning the area is not-so-crowded and boasts a more authentic vibe.

The ultimate surfing paradise. Its fantastic beaches are mainly frequented by those looking for strong emotions as the area is famous for Big Wave surfing during the winter.

North Shore

Ko Olina

The best hotels in Oahu, Ko Olina is something special. It is a resort community built back in the 1980s that features upscale resorts and residential communities.


The best places to stay in Oahu if you want to spend your vacation at the beach. It features delicious restaurants and luxurious wineries, and it is also a true sanctuary for endangered wetbirds. 

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