Locations For Prague Photography – Best Photo Spots

Find yourself in the capital of Czech Republic and want to find the top spots to photograph what has to be one of the most beautiful cities in Europe?

Look no further than this guide as I had a chance to uncover a few of the best locations in Prague. 

1. Žižkov Television Tower

This imposing TV tower can be found just south of Prague 3 and near the main train station. Just look up and you can’t miss it.

2. 42-Layer Sculpture of Franz Kafka’s Head

Prague is home to some of the most peculiar, strange, yet delightful sculptures and this is an example of one of them.

It’s a symbol for the middle class and the despair and sadness of those hit by the recession. There’s also a hanging woman with an umbrella on an adjacent street.

3. Umbrella Hanging Man

4. View of Lesser Town From Underneath Tower

Framed beneath the arch of one of the two towers on this end of the bridge, I love the contrast in light and the beautifully ornate and colourful Renaissance and Gothic-style buildings.

5. Charles Bridge At Night

The bridge can be shot from many different angles and many sides but the most photogenic in my opinion is from the Old Town side of the city. 

6. Man Hanging Out

This is already a fascinating piece of art but when you put the gorgeous streets of Prague as a backdrop, it turns into a great photo. 

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