Best Pension In Fakarava 

When planning your trip to French Polynesia, you’ll be faced with the challenging task of picking from the 118 islands and atolls. Fakarava needs to be on your shortlist if you’re an avid diver.

Once you’ve decided on Fakarava in the Tuomotu Archipelago, you’ll need to look for a place to stay but unlike larger islands, your choices are much more limited. This is where the pension in Fakarava comes in.


Pensions are a type of lodging that is commonly found in Europe and countries that have large European expats. A pension must provide accommodation and food only for guests.


Tekopa Village Fakarava This property has a combination of beachfront camping and bungalows and the cheapest pension you’ll find on Fakarava. The facilities are basic and shared, but will save you money.

3 modern bungalows line a sandy beach. Rooms include a fridge, microwave, and are very clean with great water pressure. They have a snack shack, so you can easily buy lunch.

KoriKori Lodge Fakarava

Relais Marama

It’s close to the main town of Rotoava and has comfortable lodgings by the beach, whether in the bungalow or camping. Note that only shared bathrooms available.

Kaipolanie Garden

The rooms are air-conditioned, which is a key feature. Breakfast, dinner, and round-trip airport transfers are included. These have to be the nicest bungalows on the island.

Pakokota Lodge

Adjacent to their yacht services are modest-sized bungalows, one that can fit 6 people, and another that can fit 4. This one is the furthest away from Rotoava and quite remote.

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