Best Snorkeling in Maui – Self-Guided and Boat Tours [2021]

What better way to explore the underwater oasis than to know where you can find the best snorkeling in Maui.

Created from volcanic eruptions 20,000 years ago, the surrounding waters of Maui are teeming with aquatic life, colourful reef, and crystalline waters.


Ahihi Kinau Natural Area Reserve

This area is believed to be one of the youngest eco-reef zones on Maui.

This used to be a hidden spot best known as a killer surfing spot but it's becoming more and more popular for snorkeling as well.

Honolua Bay

Napili Beach

Great places to snorkel here are near the edges of the bay where you'll find some of the reef.

With its close proximity to Lahaina, white sandy beach, boardwalk, resorts, restaurants, shopping, and nightlife, it's a great place to stay for awhile.

Black Rock on Ka’anapali Beach

Five Caves

Typically, this is a spot for scuba divers but experienced snorkelers can come here as well.

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