Best Things To Do In Valencia 

Valencia is strategically positioned on the Mediterranean, so you can enjoy delectable cuisines drawn straight from the sea and lie on the broad sandy beaches.


Valencia is also home to the ultra-modern City of the Arts and Sciences, which makes it one of Spain’s top destinations. Here are the top choices to keep you hooked during your trip.

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The Central Square

This area is an excellent place to hang out with lots of places to eat. You can enjoy cold drinks in the square then get back through the winding streets that surround the square for some quality lunch or even tapas.

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This attraction is a blend of ultra-modern structures with a touch of a surreal quality because of the surrounding pools that cast reflections upon the waters. Enjoy a Valencian sunset with the City of Arts & Sciences Tour and Rooftop Wine Tasting with Tapas.

City of the Arts and Sciences

Mercado Central

This is an excellent spot to learn about Valencia’s local food and dip yourself into its local culture if you are looking for fun things to do in Valencia Spain.

Central Bar

This bar stands in the heart of Valencia’s Mercat Central. Here, all the sandwiches and tapas are prepared from the finest, locally available produce from the market.

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Valencia Cathedral and the Holy Grail

A beautiful old place you must visit if you are looking for what to do in Valencia. You can even climb to the top of the Miguelete bell tower for exhilarating views of the city below.

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