22 Of The Best Things To Do On Easter Island

Thinking about a trip to Easter Island, have it on your bucket list, or are you in the midst of planning your visit? You’re no doubt wondering what exactly you can do on the island.

Despite being the most isolated island in the world and small in size, there are easily more than a week’s worth of things to see and do on Easter Island.

Ahu Tahai

Your guide will be able to point out which were stone chicken-coops, base of boat-shaped houses, and gardening techniques.

This is the legendary quarry where the skilled Rapanui workers chiseled the moai out of the volcano crater.

Rano Raraku


A combination of many things including a popular public beach, the restored Ahu Nau Nau with its 7 moai, and 4 with top knots.


Representing the pinnacle of the Rapa Nui stone carving period, this platform has a wingspan of 220 meters, features moai that range in all sizes and stature, and only one has a top knot.


One of the top things to do on Easter Island because it has one of the most dramatic views – stunning views of the crater’s lush center, the Pacific ocean, and the nearby islets (motu).

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