One of the most popular Caribbean destinations, Puerto Rico’s capital of San Juan, needs to be added to your bucket list…if it isn’t already!

Rich with culture and history, San Juan has something for everyone and is the place to start when you visit this magnificent island.

While checking out the spectacular nature of Puerto Rico, such as El Yunque, isn’t just reserved for adventurers, those with a little more adrenaline than most will want to take advantage of a day trip like this.

Best For Adventurers – El Yunque Hiking and Kayaking

Consider doing an organized day trip that's perfect for those with little ones and get to see two of the most visited spots on the island.

Best For Families – Cuevea Ventana and Gozalandia Waterfalls

Best for Insta Worthy Photos – Rainforest to Beach Tour

For one of the best photography day trips in Puerto Rico, head out of San Juan for the day to make your friends jealous at home, with all the Insta-worthy photos you are going to be taking.

Best For Beach Goers – Luquillo Beach

While most organized day trip tours head to this coastal spot, Luquillo Beach is a day trip in itself and one that can be done without a guide.

As it states, Vieques is an island off the coast of Puerto Rico. While it is recommended that you don’t want to allow just a day trip to explore this stunning place, it is worth mentioning in this list.

Best Island Getaway – Vieques

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