Getting to the island of Santorini is not as simple especially if it's your first time to Greece. There are a couple of ways to do it and each one has their own nuances and “need to knows”.

Now if you're wondering whether Santorini is worth it or not, that's a whole other thing but let's break down how it works, where you can get tickets, and what you need to be aware of.

Travel by ferry is the most basic and traditional way to get to the Greek Islands and especially around the Western Cyclades.

Athens to Santorini by Ferry

Piraeus port - This is a large industrialized port and primary hub for ferries in Athens. Rafina port - Has fewer options being a much smaller local port.

Where are the ports in Athens?

How to choose which ferry to take?

Most popular Price Speed Stability Potential for cancel Ferry style Port

Getting to the Rafina port from the airport

In many guides, Rafina is disregarded as a legitimate port but if you're looking to go straight from the Athens airport to Santorina via ferry.

As a general rule of thumb from Athens, you can start boarding a ferry an hour before sailing time.

Boarding time

Next steps

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