Best Weekend Trips from Toronto

Whether you’re visiting the GTA or living in the city, there are surprisingly a lot of options when it comes to weekend trips from Toronto.

In this guide, you’ll find both popular and hidden secret Toronto getaways that can be done in the spring, summer, fall, or winter whether for a day or the full weekend.

Chasing Waterfalls

We all know the big waterfalls that are easy to get to from toronto but there are actually plenty of hidden waterfalls scattered all around ontario that are only a couple of hours drive from toronto.


The cottage are region of Collingwood is a popular getaway destination for locals living in the GTA and beyond as it’s easy to drive to, has an abundance of things to do, places to eat.


The famed wine region of Ontario is one of the most magical places to visit and while staying here overnight is preferable, it’s certainly possible to have a memorable weekend day trip.

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is commonly referred to as the 8th Wonder of the World, or at least Canadians would love for it to be declared with that title.

Located only 2 hours away from the GTA, you come here for a weekend day to take advantage of the region’s sandy beaches and dunes, beautiful slice of nature, wineries, breweries.

Prince Edward County

Bruce Peninsula and Tobermory

Another jewel of Ontario is the entirety of the Bruce Peninsula. Stretching between Georgian Bay up to Lake Huron, the turquoise clear waters, stunning coastal landscape.

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