Best World Map with Pins for Travellers at Home

As travellers, we're always seeking to bring a slice of our adventures, experiences, and ultimately our  memories home.

One way of bringing the world home is by putting up a large world map with pins as a great way to visualize everywhere that you've been and everywhere that you still want to go.


If you're looking for a  high-quality, detailed, framed map, look no further than Pin Adventure Map.

Pin Adventure Map

This is a beautiful printing of a hand-drawn rendition of the world map that has a gentle water color quality to it.

Water Colour Hand Drawn World Map

Palomar PinWorld (now called DearWorld)

This one is elusively difficult to buy, especially in North America. I ended up purchasing this in the Netherlands in one of those fun art gallery stores that you can find in Europe.

Customizable Canvas World Map

The beauty of purchasing from vendors on Etsy is that you have much more customization and personalization options than if you were to buy it from a store.

If you're looking for a framed look, this is an excellent option to give it that polished look in whichever room you decide to hang this in.

Framed Push Pin Travel Maps Canvas

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