All-inclusive resorts are a dime a dozen in the Dominican Republic but the Catalonia Royal Bavaro is a true stand out in providing an experience differs from all the other ones I've been to.

Almost the entire beach line is dotted with resorts. Picking a good one out of the hundreds out here is a task unto itself.

Super chill

What stuck out with us the most was how laid back. Despite being close to capacity, it never felt like the resort was overloaded with people.

For us we loved how we could get to anywhere we wanted to in less than 5 minutes.

Bigger is not better

From the entrance to the restaurants, the suites and the lush green grounds, I loved how they’ve kept with a simple white stucco design that mixes traditional dark woods.

Beautiful decor

Luxury at its center

With great service, attention to detail and focus on refined experiences, there was truly a greater sense of luxury here than at any other resort I've stayed at in the Dominican.

Upon checking in we were greeted with a cold and refreshing welcome drink which was a just what we needed after landing in the hot and humid DR.

Getting checked in

Next steps

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