The Comprehensive New Zealand Travel Guide – Read Before You Go

New Zealand is a wildly gorgeous country with a kind soul and an adventurous spirit, but I think you already knew that.

After completing my second trip to this land home to the Kiwi, we wanted to put together an ultimate guide for travelling New Zealand that covers the basics before diving deep with the full 3-week itinerary.

Getting there

New Zealand’s primary international airport is Auckland Airport (AKL) and I’d say is the main hub of the country where you’ll find most carriers go through.

Getting around

Car rental  If you’re going to be doing your own road trip, the good news is that there are plenty of car rental companies available to choose from.

Holiday Parks These are unique alternative accommodations that can be found all over the country. They are great for budget travellers.

Where to stay

What to pack for New Zealand

I leave you with these top 3 recommendations: - Pack layers and versatile clothing - Pack light - Bring lots of batteries and memory because New Zealand is so damn photogenic.

Best time to go to New Zealand

Winter (June – August) There’s definitely novelty to being skiing or snowboarding in July for those that are from the Northern Hemisphere.

Popular tours to consider pre-booking

Milford Sound The best way to see the fjords, including the waterfalls, seals, black coral, and Mitre Peak, is by cruise boat or kayak, or even better, do both.

Next steps

More amazing travel inspiration in the blog post!