How To Plan 4 Days While Based In St. John’s 

Come to Newfoundland to be charmed with the idyllic Maritime life where even the big city feels like a small one and the fishing villages welcome you like family.

This is a place where you come to roam, watch in awe, kick back, and delight the taste-buds.

Day 1 – Welcome To Newfoundland

Your first day in St. John’s is packed one and it involves a full taste of everything that the city and the surrounding parts of the Avalon region.

Day 2 – An Off Rainy Day

Another reason for the  slow-paced second day for us was due to the weather. Rain was in the forecast so the truth is we had to re-arrange some of our plans.

I started off the second day heading back out to Signal Hill. Our first visit up there was really windy so we decided to head back except this time we got to meet a big furry Newfoundland dog. 

Day 3 – The Race to Bonavista

We started off working our way all the way from the tip which is where you’ll find the Cape Bonavista Lighthouse.

We didn’t spend the money to climb up the lighthouse but the the views of the Atlantic and the craggy coastline back towards Bonavista were just brilliant.

Day 4 – The Irish Loop

A popular route that takes you around the main part of the Avalon region where for half of it follows the coastline and the other half goes inland and near the Avalon Wilderness Reserve. 

Next steps

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