Discover 5 Convincing Reasons to Try Dogsledding in Quebec 

Dogsledding was a way of life in Northern Canada, an activity to take you back in time, connect with nature and play with fluffy furballs.

With the landscape covered in a snowy tundra, there really was only one way to get around – a wooden sled, a pack husky dogs and you bundled up in  your warmest clothes.

Enjoy remarkable winter landscapes

Whether sledding through the woods or out in the open, everywhere you turned, there was beauty all around in the snow capped land.

Dogsledding is no walk in the park

In Saguenay, we sled on twisting and winding groomed trails, so you really had to learn how to shift your weight as you would skiing to make sure your sled also turns appropriately.  

Play with the friendliest dogs

I had so much fun playing with these dogs before we started our journey; never once did any bark or growl at me.

The dogs are itching to run

They’re cute and cuddly but once they see their owner getting the sled ready they’re all business.  These dogs are high energy workhorses.

During the two hours while sledding, all I had to worry about was getting from A to B without any other care in the world.

Disconnect and reconnect with nature

Next steps

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