11 Fun Weekend Trips From Edmonton 

Edmonton is conveniently located in and amongst a plethora of epic destinations for weekend getaways.

Whether you’re looking for a break from the city to enjoy nature in a national park or you want to enjoy quaint, small-town culture nearby, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for.

Red Deer

Historically, the location of the town today was used as the best and safest spot to cross the Red Deer River.

Known as one of the largest Ukrainian settlements in the area, Lamont County is just teeming with history and culture.

Lamont County


It may sound like a slightly odd attraction, but the Vegreville Pysanka is one of the Seven Wonders of Canada and is made from a collection of tiles in all sorts of shapes and colors.

Athabasca County

With dozens of lakes in the area, endless options for hiking trails, and even a little beach nearby, Athabasca County has loads to offer visitors of all different types of preferences.


Wainwright is an incredibly historical little town, boasting lots of interesting facts about railway history as well as some really gorgeous old buildings.

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