Packing for a trip to Ethiopia was daunting at first but as I started to piece it all together one at a time, I realized that what I needed was going to be very similar to my recent trip to Peru.

While it's easy to find generic packing guides online, I've always found it hard to find specific ones because as a traveller I know that every trip is different with special considerations.

In Omo Valley, things were hot with temperatures hovering around 30°C (90°F) while the Simien Mountains were to average 18°C (65°F) with the nighttime temperatures can drop to near freezing.


Traveling light is always something I'm striving towards but when you have camera gear you need to  bring and you know you're going to be trekking, things quickly become complicated.


Shirts & Underwear

Like I said, it's tricky to pack for Ethiopia just because you get the extreme hot in the valley and then you have the other end of the spectrum where the Simien Mountains will possibly drop down to freezing at night.

This really doesn't look all that different from what I brought to Peru and in fact it's identical!

Pants & Jacket

I really wanted to go with one shoe on this trip but seeing as how hot it's going to get, I knew I couldn't leave without my sandals despite the extra space and weight it's going to take up.


Next steps

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